How To Become A Successful Artist

Upcoming Februar 2021
Ever wanted to understand why some artists are successful, while others struggle? This guide book explains the core business principles of being an artist and reveals how to make it in the art world. This must-have guide includes business advice from the art world’s leading experts, such as Sean Scully, Julian Schnabel, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Mera & Don Rubell, Oscar Murillo and many more.

Upcoming February 2021, published by Phaidon

Management of Art Galleries

Now in its 3rd edition, the #1 Amazon Bestseller
What makes an art gallery successful? How do galleries get their marketing right? Which customer group is the most attractive? In a unique research undertaking, this book carefully analyzes the inner life of art galleries.

August 2018, published by Phaidon

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100 Secrets of the Art World

#1 Amazon Bestseller in Germany & USA
What are the secrets of some of the most powerful individuals in the art world? This book contains exclusive anecdotes, advice and personal stories from contributors such as Jeff Koons, Zaha Hadid, Marina Abramovic, Larry Gagosian, John Baldessari and others.

October 2016, published by Koenig Books, Press Folder

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Management von Kunstgalerien

#1 Amazon Bestseller for 14 weeks, now 3rd edition
Bereits in der 3. Auflage! Mit einer umfassenden Forschungsarbeit analysiert der promovierte Betriebswirt Magnus Resch das Innenleben von Galerien. Direkt, anschaulich und begleitet von vielen Fallstudien beschreibt er einen neuen Ansatz für das Management von Galerien.

November 2016, published by Phaidon

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The Global Art Gallery Report

The first report on art galleries. Free ebook.
This is the most wide-ranging report on today’s commercial art galleries scene. It presents a detailed portrait of art galleries, based on data from 8,000 gallery owners. The report can be downloaded for free.

January 2017, by Phaidon, Infographic

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Private Art Museum Report

As seen on WIRED
The first global study on privately founded contemporary art museums. This unique report is based on a study conducted with the participation of over 160 privately owned museums world-wide.

January 2016, published by Modern Arts Publishing

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Art Collector Report

As seen on the The New York Times & WSJ
Which city in the world currently has the highest density of contemporary art collectors? Why does Germany have nearly as many private art museums as the United States? The first global study on private contemporary art collectors has the answers.

January 2015, published by Modern Arts Publishing

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